Women control their visibility always.
Feel free to discover and be discovered.

Women can broadcast a Siren Call™
to connect with men spontaneously.

Your personality shines with
responses to daily activities.

Our sponsors are local badasses
that strive to make a difference.

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Siren helps people discover the individual beyond the profile photo.

So go ahead, charm someone’s pants off. ™

We're starting with a limited release but plan on expanding to more cities. Stay tuned to hear about Siren in your area!

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Siren is a dating app that puts women in control of their visibility and encourages women to make the first move. This simple action creates a better, more valid signal to men, similar to real life. Siren also removes the stress and artificiality of pre-crafted profiles.

Intelligent cultural sponsors craft daily questions, and the responses create moments that make us smile. The real-time feature of Siren Call gives women a way to see immediately who's up for something fun. Simple to navigate, rich in intuitive connections, Siren provides a compelling space for spontaneous discovery of people.

  • Susie Lee, CEO and Founder. Contemporary new media artist.
  • Katrina Hess, COO and Design Director. Owner of Made in Sodo.
  • Karen Caplan, Web Developer. DJ and Equestrian.
  • Joren Winge, Engineer and Architect. Executive and Technologist.
  • Zuri Biringer, Engineer. Buddhist and Philosopher.





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