Susie Lee and Katrina Hess

Siren is a mobile dating app that puts women in control of their visibility and offers features inspired by the signals that work in real life. A timely response to the tired and predictable formula of dating sites, Siren lets people’s personalities shine.

Siren removes the stress and artificiality of pre-crafted profiles. Intelligent cultural sponsors craft daily questions, and the responses create moments that make us smile. And the real-time feature of Siren Call gives women ways to see who’s up for something fun. Deceptively simple to navigate, yet rich in intuitive connections, Siren provides a compelling space for spontaneous discovery of people.

Siren will be the first dating site that people will say they’re proud to be on. Come out to play.

Susie Lee, CEO and Founder. Contemporary new media artist.
Katrina Hess, Design Director. Owner of Made in Sodo.
Karen Caplan, Engineer. DJ and Equestrian.
Joren Winge, Engineer. Executive and Technologist.
Yair Szarf, Engineer. Theater production and Apple technologist.
Zuri Biringer, Engineer. Buddhist and Philosopher.


Women control their profile visibility always.


Siren Call™ gives women a chance to ask something in real time. Women select who receives their Siren Call™ for spontaneous connections with men.


Question of the Day and Video Challenge are created by Seattle’s movers and shakers who we greatly admire. Our Siren community discovers each other through these features to start conversations naturally.


Siren brings together a dynamic group of people looking to date or connect their women friends with awesome men. And our men are truly awesome.



Code Fellows

The Project Room Seattle

Northwest Film Forum



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