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Siren is a dating app that puts women in control of their visibility and encourages women to make the first move. This simple action creates a better, more valid signal to men, similar to real life. Siren also removes the stress and artificiality of pre-crafted profiles.

Intelligent cultural sponsors craft daily questions, and the responses create moments that make us smile. The real-time feature of Siren Call gives women a way to see immediately who's up for something fun. Simple to navigate, rich in intuitive connections, Siren provides a compelling space for spontaneous discovery of people.

  • Susie Lee, CEO and Founder
  • Katrina Hess, COO and Design Director
  • Larry Kellog, Engineer
  • Joren Winge, Engineer
  • Matthew Kirk, Engineer

Upcoming Events

  • FRI, NOV 14 @ 8PM
    Runway to Freedom 5 Fashion Show

    Live Music, & Auction Benefitting Mary's Place Domestic Violence Shelter
    Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA

  • WED, NOV 19 @ 6PM
    Male Allies to Women in Tech

    What can men do to make working in a male-dominated industry more accessible and comfortable for women? Seattle WiT and Nutanix invite you to a panel discussion to explore attitudes and actions that can help close the gender gap in technology companies. Ticket proceeds to benefit Reel Grrls. Women and men are welcome at this event.

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